Bacula Users & Partners Conference
Welcome to the first International Bacula Users & Partners Conference!

The Bacula Open Source project was started by Kern Sibbald in 2000 and released in 2002. Since then, it has been used by millions of people and corporations.

According to Source Forge statistics, Bacula quickly became by far the most popular Open Source backup program.

In 2008, Kern and 7 other passionate people, actively participating in this project, decided to found Bacula Systems with the aim to develop an Enterprise Edition of Bacula and offer professional support, consulting and training. Since then, Bacula Systems has shown great success among the corporate world and participated to the overall success of the Open Source adopted in enterprise, data centers, MSPs and public service.

To celebrate and reinforce the Open Source and Commercial Open Source strings, we are organizing the first International Bacula Users & Partners Conference!

If you are a developer or a user of Bacula, a Bacula Systems customer or Business Partner, a firm believer of Open Source, a specialist of Backup & Restore solutions or simply interested to understand how Bacula can advantageously replace proprietary solutions, this conference is for you! Entrance is free so come, meet, connect and share!

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5 Reasons to attend

1. Get a clear update on Open Source

Stop assuming and hear – from the source – what is happening in Open Source, with Karsten Gerloff, President of FSFE

2. Pick the brains of an Expert

Meet with Kern Sibbald, creator and main developer of the Bacula project and CTO of Bacula Systems

3. Share

Share experiences with Bacula users, Bacula Systems customers and partners

4. Gain knowledge

Meet with the developers from the community as well as from Bacula Systems and see how they contribute to the evolution of Bacula

5. Enjoy

Meet, connect and share while enjoying the dinner offered by Bacula Systems the night before the Conference day as well as during the different breaks

“We use Bacula since version 1.38 with great success”
Vienna University of Technology
“Bacula Enterprise Edition was the only backup software – of all the products we surveyed – that was capable of client authentication on all operating systems”
Dr. Andreas Gerdes, Leibniz University
“Bacula gives us enterprise level features, without enterprise level pricing or silly license restrictions. It is rock solid, and has already saved us from data loss due to multiple hard drive failure or crashed upgrades several times. I don’t run any system without it!”
Frank Sweetser, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
“Bacula Enterprise Edition is a leading backup solution in the Open Source world. When we talk about robust and serious backup solutions in the open source world, Bacula always comes first”
Yvan Broccard, Swisscom

Karsten Gerloff
President of the Free Software Foundation Europe…
Kern Sibbald
Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Bacula Systems…
Eric Bollengier
Director of Engineering at Bacula Systems….
Frank Barker
CEO at Bacula Systems…

Hotel Scandic

Potsdamer Platz – Berlin – Germany



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